Struggling with Depression is not something you should go at alone


Has life just wore you down? Do you want to finally find your break?

Mental health is not a joke. It is not something anyone should ever take lightly. I have struggled with my mental health for many years, not knowing where to turn.

It is time to make a change.

There is a better way! Help is here. Get all the tools you need for success. Take it step by step alongside your own personal therapist. Get access to worksheets, activity logs, and yoga/meditation videos and fight the battle that many have lost.

Because you deserve it!

Personal Tests

There are many different mental health categories. Take tests that will place you in personalized programs. 

Stay Anonymous

There are no risks. You are able to stay completely anonymous if that is more comfortable for you.

Online Forums

Find a forum and connect with others going through the same things you are.

Personal Therapist

You will be matched up with your very own personal therapist, who will walk with you every step of the way. 

At Your Own Pace

Everything is online and self-paced. You can work on the sections as you see fit. 

Yoga & Meditation

There are a variety of yoga and meditation videos to help you destress along the way. 

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Don't wait, like I did! I spent too many nights in a dark place. Too many days anxious for no reason. Stop living in a black hole. Reach out for the support you need. 

Why is Different

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

All programs are based on cognitive behavioral therapy. CBT is based on the idea that your thoughts are what cause your feelings and behaviors.

Getting your mind to react differently to external stimuli like people, situations, and events will help you grow.   

Retraining your mindset will make for a more sustainable personal development journey. 

Daily Communication with your Therapist

You are able to connect with your own personal therapist on a daily basis. They are available to you through live chats, email and program worksheets.

Your personal therapist will give daily feedback on your progress throughout the program. However, your therapist is available for daily support Monday-Friday, if you need it.

You are still able to work the program at your own pace and choose how frequently you want to connect with your therapist. 

8 Proven Program Sections

Each program has eight sections. Every section of the program will have journal prompts, readings, worksheets, and practical action steps to guide you through your journey. 

After each section, you will receive feedback from your personal therapist. You will be able to work together to find the best practices for you in overcoming your mental health barriers.  

What do you have to lose?!

This program is affordable, as well as convenient. Think of all the travel time you till save being able to log in from anywhere in the world and start bettering yourself step-by-step. 


Sign up Today & Get 20% off Your First Month

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